10. Ron's Favorite Foods 
Mari talks about foods that she really loves to eat.


Mari: Hi, I'm Mari. I'm here with my friend Ron. Today, we're talking about food. So Ron, what's your favorite cuisine?
Ron: My favorite cuisine has to be Hawaiian food. I grew up eating Hawaiian food so every special occasion we had Hawaiian food, so now when I eat Hawaiian food, it always brings back good memories.
Mari: What exactly is Hawaiian food?
Ron: Traditional Hawaiian food is usually cooked under the ground in a hole with hot rocks and it cooks for maybe six hours or seven hours and when you take it out, it's very salty because we use a lot of salt and it tastes really good ... usually meat ... usually pork and other vegetables like taro and potato.
Mari: So then what's your favorite Hawaiian dish?
Ron: My favorite Hawaiian dish is called Lao-Lao. It's pork or fish wrapped in leaves and put inside the underground oven and it's very salty and very good.
Mari: So the flavor is just salt?
Ron: The flavor is salt and also the leaf flavor that it's wrapped in.
Mari: What's your favorite dessert or junk food?
Ron: My favorite dessert has to be cake and ice-cream together. I love to eat cake and ice-cream together.
Mari: What's your favorite ice-cream flavor?
Ron: My favorite ice-cream flavor is strawberry, and I like to eat that with chocolate cake.
Mari: Mm, sounds good. Do you like vegetables?
Ron: Not so much. I don't like to eat vegetables but I can eat them if somebody cooks them for me.
Mari: What's your favorite vegetable?
Ron: My favorite vegetable ... I don't have a favorite vegetable but I can eat vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, carrots. Those types of things.
Mari: Do you eat your vegetables raw ... like salad ... or do you prefer them cooked?
Ron: I prefer them cooked.
Mari: Thanks Ron.
Ron: You're welcome.

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