3. Next Step
George and Crystal discuss job options for college students.


George: Where are you working these days?
Crystal: I'm working at the restaurant around the station.
George: What's it like working in a restaurant?
Crystal: Well, it's ... busy times are busy, but boring sometimes. It's just usual work: washing dishes, serving and then that it's pretty much. Not a big deal job. I really like it, but at the same time I'm looking for more. I think I should look for a desk job or something.
George: Oh, a desk job!
Crystal: What about you?
George: I don't know. Maybe I could work at a ... maybe a clothing store.
Crystal: Oh, really!
George: I do enjoy fashion, and I need to update my wardrobe, so a little discount would be nice.
Crystal: I hear that there's a opening at Bloomingdale's.
George: Oh, awesome!
Crystal: You should give it a try.
George: Maybe. But then again I'm not a very ... I'm not really a people person, though.
Crystal: A people person! What do you mean?
George: I can't just go up to new people and start talking to them. It's a little difficult for me.
Crystal: Well, on my point of view, I think that's a little ... sometimes I think that's sort of a little annoying. One time like this lady at the market, she just started talking me, "Oh, this looks good on you!" OK, I don't need that. You know.
George: Yes, they use some very strong mind tricks to get you to buy things.
Crystal: Yeah. Well, you're good with mind tricks aren't you?
George: I'm good at being played by mind tricks, but now good at doing mind tricks.
Crystal: Aye! Well, I guess you still have nine months left.
George: Yeah, it's a little depressing though.

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