american english basis ENGLISH COURSE (aeb v. 2)

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american english basis ENGLISH COURSE (aeb v. 2)

This English course is conceptualized as a lexicon. Compared to language courses, which are built like an English-German dictionary, simple English words explain another word, thereby we try to avoid any ambiguity. In a conventional vocabulary trainer for example, the word is "achievement" is translated into "power" (ger: “Leistung”). For the word “power” can be understood as the power of electricity when you  want to talk about the performance of an athlete. This software allows you to get imaginary pictures in your mind through the exact explanation of the terms. That is why, the vocabulary is stored in the memory  fast and permanently.

You'll be offered three versions with different speaking rates: slow; middle, with light instrumental music in the background; fast. Each part contains 1694 words with accompanying explanations. Format - MP3. The text will also be provided.



Additionally 100 lessons for beginners have been added. The language exercises consist of short sentences with basic vocabulary in German and corresponding translations in English.

The different playback rates Abspielgeschwindigkeiten and sizes: 

2 hours 38 minutes / 144 MB - fast

3 hours 4 minutes / 168 MB - middle with music 

4 hours / 194 MB - slow 

5 hours 42 minutes / 117 MB - for beginners 

Here you can listen briefly to one example, with 25 words from a to z ( TEMPO - fast):


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