aeb V. 1 - 5 are Audio MP3, aeb V. 6 - Video MP4 / MPEG4

american english basic ENGLISH COURSE (aeb v. 1)

Classical vocabulary with some advantages.

2284 words, duration 5 hours, 265 MB of data. 
3,70 EUR
american english basis ENGLISH COURSE (aeb v. 2)
 Vocabulary trainer in the shape of a lexicon.
15.5 hours playback time, volume of data - 684 MB.

4,00 EUR
american english base ENGLISH COURSE (aeb v. 3)
 It is well known that the idioms and proverbs, that are used very often in American English, a "stumbling blocks" on the way towards the "perfect English" are. This English course will be removed the "stumbling blocks" from the way
5.5 hours playback time; amount of data - 139 MB.

2,20 EUR
american english beginner GRUNDKURS (aeb v. 4)

The English course is designed as an German-English audio book. Suitable for beginners.

5 hours playback time, volume of data - 273 MB.
2,40 EUR
american english business Language Course (aeb v. 5)

The american english business language course is for customers who want to improve their spech and language skills for presentations, discussions, business meetings, telephone conversations, negotiations, letters and social events.

Total 723 topics. Playback time 13 hours, 670 MB of data.

3,90 EUR
american english bilder VIDEO COURSE (aeb v. 6)
 The video English-course is divided into 20 lessons and has a length of 4 hours.
2000 words from the General Rank Word List.

5,00 EUR
We are often asked if there is a discount on the purchase of 6 English courses. Download of all 6 items in a file or in 6 parts are currently technically not possible, We have found a solution.
17,00 EUR